Dirty Apron Cookbook: Recipes, Tips, and Tricks for Creating Delicious Foolproof Dishes

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Everyone has a love of food, whether their love is in the preparation or in the eating, it has the power to bring families and communities together, cheer us up when we feel a little under the weather (cookie dough ice cream anyone?) and create memories that we are sure to cherish.

Cookbooks make wonderful gifts, whether you are an avid foodie, self-taught chef or even the kind of person who has trouble boiling water, there is a cookbook out there for almost everyone.

For the more technically skilled cooks, we recommend the gift of one of the more complex cookbooks. Choose one filled with dishes they can really get their teeth into (no pun intended)… We’re confident they will sit for hours contemplating which exotic or intricate dish they can whip up first and invite you to dinner for….ummm! The gift that keeps on giving…LOL!

For the less experienced, why not start them off with an introduction to cooking book, once they get a taste for it (I promise, these puns aren’t intentional)…LOL, they’ll be itching to WOW you with their new culinary skills and again you are the recipient of greatness or perhaps a guinea pig of a trial and tribulation moment! Either way, you are supporting a budding Chef de Jour in the making….

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